Evolution of COVID-19 is a dynamic visualization of news events related to the COVID-19 pandemic, starting from December 2019. This project was created by 5 students at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program, in hopes to present the history of COVID-19 with global perspectives, helping users to connect dots and find patterns that are otherwise unable to be recognized in a sea of information.

Our Methods

Starting from December 1st, 2019, the day when symptom onset of the first patient was identified, each date on the timeline contains news stories of major COVID-19 events written by our editorial team, based on reports collected from diverse news sources, as well as data indicating the pandemic's growing global impact.

With an attempt to mitigate bias, we included credible news sources from different countries, and on different positions of the political bias spectrum. We also identified the primary source for each event, whether it’s directly from a government report, W.H.O statement, scientific paper, social media post, or the earliest reporting from one of the news sources.

See our research on media credibility and list of "credible news source"

Headlines and news descriptions for all events on the timeline are written and edited by our editorial team. After selecting credible news sources, we summarize the news, sometimes combining relevant news reports, as an attempt to truthfully, extensively and coherently present the stories.

Inclusion of diverse sources and conscious editorial decisions are our humble solutions to be as comprehensive as we can, in order to present an accessible, dynamic, and interactive timeline of this global event.

Our Team

Huiyi Chen
Rui An
Qice Sun
Emily Lin
Viola He